My new knitting blog!

Happy New Year! So it’s 2019! Did you make any crafty New Year Resolutions?

Mine are as follows:

1. Knit more!

We got a puppy just under a year ago and it’s been impossible to do anything crafty around him. He’s properly gorgeous but he’s totally crazy and finds knitting wool insanely interesting.

I’ve decided I need to find time every day where possible to do a little bit of knitting when he’s not around.  I’m also going to try to knit with the dog in the same room, so will see how that goes! I’m thinking small projects that he can’t easily get hold of to  destroy!

2. Try something new.

Although I consider myself a confident knitter, there are loads of techniques that I’ve never tried before. I’ve never knitted a toe up sock, or top down sweater, or tried fair isle. I always use the same cast on and cast off so it’s time to learn something new.

3. Have a go at podcasting!

I watch loads of knitting podcasts on YouTube and think it might be fun to give it a go myself if I can pluck up the courage!

4. Stash bust.

My crafting funds are quite limited at the moment and I have a large stash that I’d like to use up. It’s probably not that big by some people’s standards but I’d like to try to reduce it in 2019.

With all this in mind I thought I’d start a new blog where I can share my knitting and some of the other random stuff in my life.  I’ve blogged before but fancied a fresh start.

There should be lots of knitting, maybe a bit of crochet, some random book chatter and talk about my various pets.

I hope you enjoy!

Catherine x

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